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Palestinian Health Ministry Says An Estimated 400 To 500 People Killed In Israel Strike On Hospital

Preliminary estimates indicate between 400 to 500 people were killed in an Israeli strike on a hospital in the center of Gaza City, the Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said in a statement Tuesday, noting many people still remained beneath the rubble.

The Palestinian government in Gaza said in an earlier statement that the strike on the Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital had resulted in dozens of deaths.

"A new war crime committed by the occupation in the bombing of Al-Ahli Arabi Hospital in the center of Gaza City, resulting in the arrival of dozens of martyrs and injured at Al-Shifa Medical Complex due to the bombing. It should be noted that the hospital housed hundreds of patients, wounded, and displaced people from their homes forcibly due to the airstrikes", the government statement said.

Hamas released a statement on the strike, calling it a "genocide".

"The Al - Ahli Hospital Massacre in the heart of Gaza Stripe is a genocide. Enough silence on the aggression and recklessness of the occupation", Hamas said in a statement.

Israel Defence Forces spokesperson Daniel Hagari said the IDF is looking into the reported strike, saying since it was fairly recent, the IDF is still unclear whether the hospital was hit by an Israeli Air Force (IAF) strike of railed Hamas launch.



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