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NEOM And McLaren Racing Team Up To Create Word's First AI-Designed Racing Car

The NEOM McClaren Formula E Team unveiled the world's first AI-designed racing car. The car, which was designed using generative artificial intelligence (ai) was unveiled to celebrate McLaren Racing's 60th anniversary year at this weekend's London E-Prix.

The AI-generated design was inspired by visions of the future provided by drivers Rene Rest and Jake Hughes, as well as four members from NEOM's Graduate Development Program. Each contributor provided their personal, which was combined in an end-to-end AI process to produce the livery.

The car features colorful artwork that represents the team's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The artwork also features the logos of NEOM and McLaren Racing.

"The use of AI to design a racing car is a significant step forward for sport", said Zac Brown, CEO, of McLaren Racing. "It shows that we are committed to using technology to innovate and improve our performance".

"The AI-designed car is a beautiful and powerful representation of our commitment to sustainability", said James Key, Technical Director, McLaren Racing. "We are proud to be working with NEOM to create a car that will help us to race to zero emissions".

"This is a truly groundbreaking project", said Dr. Andreas Kinglmayr, Head of AI, NEOM. "The use of AI to design a racing car is a testament to the power of technology, and it has the potential to revolutionize the sport".

The NEOM McLaren Formula E Team is hoping that the AI-designed car will help them to achieve success in the 2023 Formula E season. The team is currently third in the championship standings, and they are looking to challenge for the title this year.

The unveiling of the AI-designed car is a positive step for the NEOM McLaren Formula E Team. The team is committed to innovation and sustainability, and the AI-designed car is a reflection of their values. The team is hoping that the car will help them to achieve success in the 2023 Formula E season, and they are also hoping it will inspire others to use technology to create positive change.


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