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Misk Global Forum Empowers Youth with "The Big Now" in Diriyah

Bujairi Terrace, the crown jewel of Diriyah, the City of Earth, resonates with energy as the Misk Global Forum (MGF), one of the world's largest youth forums, commenced its seventh annual edition this week. Under the theme "The Big Now," the three-day event unfolds with a robust agenda, featuring nearly 120 distinguished speakers engaging in over 100 sessions designed to inspire the youth to think ambitiously, act decisively, and transform innovative ideas into impactful global solutions.

The MGF, known for its commitment to fostering dialogue and innovation among the world's youth, has curated interactive sessions covering a spectrum of key topics. From climate action and sustainability to innovation, leadership, educational transformation, digital innovation, sports and games, mental health, diversity, and cultural identity, the forum aims to create a dynamic space for exchanging ideas and unlocking the potential of ambitious youth.

Bujairi Terrace will play host to 13 interactive sessions and several main activities tailored to address the present needs of the youth. Attendees can immerse themselves in insights shared by speakers, drawing from personal experiences and offering new perspectives to stimulate solution-oriented thinking.

One of the forum's pivotal features is the "Leaders Diwan," providing attendees with an opportunity to learn from the expertise of leaders and decision-makers across various fields. MGF's main stage sessions will connect youth with acclaimed local and global innovators and industry experts, facilitating meaningful interactions and collaboration.

To enhance the experiential aspect, the "Skills Dukkan" will host over 50 interactive workshops, bringing together youth with prominent local and global partners. These collaborative sessions aim to unlock new learning opportunities, providing hands-on experiences and networking opportunities with key players in diverse fields.

Diriyah Group CEO Jerry Inzerillo, who shared leadership lessons during a session titled "From Brooklyn to Bujairi Terrace," emphasized the MGF's role in empowering the youth. He stated, "The Misk Global Forum brings together leaders in pursuit of one common goal -- the empowerment of youth." In the historic birthplace of the Kingdom, he expressed anticipation for the incredible contributions these young minds will make to further the progress aligned with Vision 2030 and Saudi Arabia's transformative journey.

Strategic partner Diriyah Gate Development Authority (DGDA) endorses the forum for the second consecutive year. The partnership reflects DGDA's commitment to motivating and inspiring young people to engage actively in Saudi Arabia’s national transformation and align their skills and opportunities with the objectives of Vision 2030. As the Misk Global Forum unfolds in Diriyah, it sets the stage for a transformative dialogue that empowers the youth to shape the future.



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