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Ministry of Culture Launches 'Voice of the Poem' Competition to Celebrate Arab Poetry

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - In a celebration of the rich tradition of Arab poetry and to mark the 'Year of Arab Poetry 2023,' the Ministry of Culture has launched the 'Voice of the Poem' competition, an engaging platform aimed at enhancing the art of poetic recitation. This event is set to unite poetry enthusiasts of all age groups and to highlight the cultural significance of Arab poetry in the heart of Arab heritage.

The 'Voice of the Poem' competition is now live on a dedicated online platform, inviting participants from near and far to share their passion for poetry and showcase their skills in the eloquent and melodic recitation of Arabic verses. The competition seeks to engage participants in a journey through time, delving into the depths of the Arab poetic heritage and celebrating its significance across generations.

To take part in this cultural odyssey, interested individuals can visit the competition's official platform by following the link: There, participants will find a curated selection of poems from the rich and diverse Arab heritage, tailored to suit various age groups.

Poetry lovers can submit their recitations virtually via the platform, allowing them to pour their hearts and souls into the verses that have inspired generations. An esteemed panel of judges, well-versed in the intricacies of the art, will evaluate the submissions. Their criteria will encompass elements such as artistic expression, vocal performance, emotional resonance, innovation, and originality.

The 'Voice of the Poem' competition holds the promise of recognition and celebration for those who excel in this mesmerizing art form. The winners will be officially announced, and their exceptional recitations will be showcased on the competition's dedicated platform. This not only offers a platform for participants to share their talent with a broader audience but also serves to inspire others to explore the world of Arab poetry.

As the 'Year of Arab Poetry 2023' unfolds, the Ministry of Culture's 'Voice of the Poem' competition stands as a testament to the enduring and profound cultural importance of Arab poetry. This initiative encourages the preservation and evolution of this ancient art, bridging the gap between generations and ensuring that the poetic tradition continues to flourish in the modern world.

In the spirit of celebration, unity, and creativity, the 'Voice of the Poem' competition invites all poetry enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the beauty and depth of Arab poetry. It is an opportunity to connect with the heart of Arab culture, to share the art of recitation, and to inspire the world with the power of words.



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