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Macron Urges Clarity on Israeli End Goals in Conflict with Hamas

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Dubai, December 2, 2023

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking at a press conference during the COP28 climate talks in Dubai, asserted that the total destruction of Hamas would require a decade of conflict. He emphasized the need for Israel to precisely define its end goals in the ongoing war with the Palestinian group.

Macron revealed plans to travel to Qatar in an effort to collaborate on establishing a new truce promptly. This announcement follows Israel's decision to withdraw its negotiators from Qatar, citing a "dead end" in the discussions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's office released a statement confirming the recall of negotiators.

Expressing concerns about the duration of the conflict, Macron called for a permanent ceasefire. He questioned the feasibility of the total destruction of Hamas, urging Israeli authorities to provide a clearer definition of their goals. Macron emphasized that without a well-defined objective, the conflict could extend for a decade, a timeline he considered impractical.

During the press conference, Macron reiterated Israel's right to self-defense but cautioned against attacks on civilians. He stated, "The right for defense does not give you, in any way, the right to attack civilians." In response, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) maintained that they do not target civilians.

As tensions persist in the region, the international community watches closely for developments in the Israeli-Hamas conflict and anticipates Macron's diplomatic efforts in Qatar to facilitate a renewed truce. The call for clarity on Israel's end goals underscores the complexity of the situation and the challenges in reaching a lasting resolution.



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