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La Scala Theatre Makes Statement on Gaza Conflict During Opera-Ballet

La Scala Theatre Makes Statement on Gaza Conflict During Opera-Ballet

MILAN, ITALY - In a powerful display of unity, La Scala Theatre performers and staff delivered a message of peace regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

On the closing night of the opera-ballet "Madina," a production exploring the human cost of war, a banner emblazoned with the stark message "Cease fire" was prominently displayed on stage as the curtain rose. This act of solidarity elicited a lengthy standing ovation lasting at least two minutes from the audience.

"Madina" itself narrates the tragic story of a Chechen woman, driven to violence by the brutality of war. This marked the first public statement by La Scala regarding the Gaza conflict. However, the theatre has a history of utilizing its platform to address significant political issues.

Earlier in 2022, Music Director Riccardo Chailly organized a concert specifically for peace in Ukraine, with all proceeds directed towards aiding the war-stricken population. La Scala also took a firm stance against the Russian invasion by severing ties with conductor Valery Gergiev due to his public support for the aggression. Additionally, the staging of the Russian opera "Boris Godunov" during the 2022-23 season sparked protests from the Ukrainian community in Milan.

La Scala's latest action underscores the powerful role art can play in social advocacy. By harnessing their prestigious platform, the theatre and its esteemed artists have initiated a critical discussion and raised a collective voice calling for peace during a period of significant international tension.



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