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Kuwait's Crown Prince Finally Accepts Government's Resignation

PARIS, France - Kuwait's Crown Prince Sheikh Meshal al - Ahmad al - Sabah finally accepted the resignation submitted by the government more than a month ago, issuing a decree on Tuesday asking it to stay on in a caretaker role, state news agency KUNA reported.

A lengthy political feud had hindered fiscal reform in the OPEC oil producer, and led to the government handing inits resignation on April 5 ahead of a non - cooperation motion against the prime minister in parliament.

KUNA said the Emiri decree was issued by Sheikh Meshal, who took over most of the octogenarian emir's duties late last year. It gave no timeline for when a new government would be formed.

Prime Minister Sheikh Sabah, a member of the ruling al - Sabah family and premier since 2019, has faced a combative legislature as the head of successive cabinets, with opposition MPs bent on questioning him over issues including perceived corruption.

Kuwait has given its elected assembly more influence than similar bodies in other Guld monarchies, including the power to pass and block laws, question ministers and submit no - confidence motions against senior government officials.



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