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Kuwait Announces New Mandatory Entry Rules For Expats

Kuwait has recently introduced new entry rules for expatriates, especially those coming from other Gulf countries, according to a report by Al-Anba Daily.

According to the report, the Kuwait Ports Authority (KPA) has mandated biometric fingerprinting for other Gulf nationals upon arrival in the country, if they had not undergone fingerprinting before traveling to Kuwait. This measure is aimed at enhancing security and verifying the identity of travelers.

However, the implementation of this rule depends on the number of flights arriving at the airport. Officials will assess the situation and decide whether they can complete the fingerprinting process of passengers within a reasonable time frame. If there is a high influx of arrivals, the passengers will be allowed to proceed without being fingerprinted.

The report also stated that some airlines already require both expats and Gulf nationals to undergo fingerprinting as part of their entry procedure. To facilitate this process, all entry points in the country are equipped with fingerprint devices, which can complete the procedure within a minute for each individual.

Kuwaitis returning from abroad are currently exempt from mandatory fingerprinting. However, they are advised to book an appointment at biometric centers located in different governorates and malls. The report also clarified that those traveling outside the country are not required to undergo fingerprinting, but they will have to do so upon their return to the country.

Expats living in or traveling to Kuwait are advised to keep themselves updated on the latest rules and regulations regarding entry, health and safety in the country.



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