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Jusoor Exhibition Draws Enthusiastic Response in Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca, Morocco

Since its inauguration on December 13th, the Jusoor (Bridges) Exhibition, a collaborative effort by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Dawah, and Guidance of Saudi Arabia and the Moroccan Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs, has emerged as a resounding success, attracting over 50,000 visitors to the prestigious Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca.

The exhibition serves as a platform for fostering cultural exchange and mutual understanding between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Kingdom of Morocco. Visitors to the Hassan II Mosque were provided with a unique opportunity to explore the shared pavilions and digital applications that underscore the strong bonds between the two nations.

Among the prominent exhibits, the King Fahd Complex for the Printing of the Holy Quran stood out, showcasing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's commitment to preserving and disseminating the teachings of Islam. The VR Technology Pavilion offered a cutting-edge experience, virtually transporting visitors to the revered Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque, providing an immersive encounter with these sacred sites. Additionally, the virtual 3D Hajj and Umrah application provided a digital pilgrimage experience for attendees.

The exhibition's film hall became a focal point for visitors, featuring documentaries that delved into the construction stages of the Grand Mosque in Makkah, the intricacies of time science in Morocco, the architectural marvels of Moroccan mosques, and a closer look at the Mohammed VI platform for Prophet's Hadith. Of particular note was the display of a written Qur'an by 73,000 women who had benefited from a literacy program—an inspiring testament to the empowerment of women through education.

The diverse range of exhibits showcased the rich tapestry of cultural, technological, and educational collaborations between the two kingdoms, earning the admiration of the exhibition's attendees.

The Jusoor Exhibition welcomes visitors daily from 10:00 A.M. to 09:00 P.M. and is set to continue its enlightening showcase until December 31st. The overwhelming response underscores the success of this collaborative initiative, affirming the commitment of both Saudi Arabia and Morocco to fostering cultural exchange and strengthening the bonds of friendship between their peoples.



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