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Jordan's Prince Hamzah Relinquishes Royal Title

PARIS, France - Jordan's Prince Hamzah Bin Al - Hussein is relinquishing his title of prince, he said in a statement.

Prince Hamza, a former heir to the throne, was accused last year of conspiring to destabilize the monarchy in a foreign - inspired plot.

Prince Hamzah posted the statement on his official Twitter account, saying he have up his titles because his values 'are not in line with the approaches, trends, and modern methods of our institutions'.

King Abdullah II and Hamza are both sons of King Hussein, who ruled Jordan for nearly a half - century before his death in 1999.

Abdullah has appointed Hamzah as crown prince upon his succession but stripped him of the title in 2005.

The prince apologized las month for his role in alleged plot, the Royal Palace said. He was accused last year of involvement in a plot to destabilize the kingdom and was placed under house arrest last April.

In a video statement at the time he denied the allegations.

The Royal Court had no immediate comment.



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