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Jaguar Land Rover Pauses Delivery Of Vehicles Into Russia

PARIS, France - Jaguar Land Rover is suspending the delivery of vehicles into the Russian market due to the 'the current global context'.

In a statement to CNN, the carmaker said 'the current global context presents us with trading challenges so we are pausing the delivery of vehicles into the Russian market and continually monitoring the situation on behalf of our global customer base'.

UK Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng tweeted that he welcomed this decision, adding 'there is now a rapidly growing number of companies and governments joining the whole international community in isolating Russia, both diplomatically and financially'.

Other car companies' actions: Jaguar Land Rover follows Volvo, which said it would be stopping shipments to Russia until further notice on Monday, 'considering the potential risks associated with trading material with Russia, including the sanctions imposed by the EU and US'.

Renault confirmed to CNN on Tuesday that they had paused production at their plant in Moscow and that they were observing some 'logistic impacts' there. The plant produced over 75,000 vehicles in 2020.

As of now, Ford has not stopped production in Russia or shipments to the country, telling CNN on Tuesday 'we're deeply concerned about the situation in the Ukraine and the safety and well - being of people there and throughout the region but have nothing more to add at this time'.


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