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Israeli Attack Damages Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital In Gaza

Paris, France - The Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, a leading cancer treatment center in Gaza, has fallen victim to an Israeli attack, as reported by the hospital's director, Sobhi Skaik, during an interview with CNN on Monday. The strike, which occurred recently, targeted the hospital and inflicted significant damage. The director disclosed that the attack caused direct damage to the third floor of the facility, primarily affecting its oxygen and water supplies. Thankfully, there were no reported injuries to the people inside the hospital during the incident.

A video that has been widely shared on social media, and subsequently verified by CNN, captures the distressing sight of smoke emanating from the central building of the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital. This horrifying incident has resulted in profound distress among patients and medical staff, who were forced to grapple with fear and anxiety in the aftermath of the attack. According to Director Skaik, some patients even field the hospital due to the overwhelming panic that the strike had incited.

In response to this incident, CNN has reached out to the Israeli military for an official statement regarding the attack on the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital.

The Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, located just south of Gaza City, was constructed with funding from the Turkish government. Turkish officials have expressed their outrage at the hospital's bombardment in a statement issued by the Foreign Ministry. The statement read, "There is no explanation for such an attack, even though all necessary information, including the coordinates of the institution in question, was shared with the Israeli authorities in advance." The Turkish government's strong condemnation of the attack highlights the gravity of the situation and the potential consequences it may have on diplomatic relations.

Director Skaik also revealed that approximately 200 individuals work at the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital, providing crucial care to thousands of patients from across the Gaza Strip every year. He further emphasized the urgent need for the international community to take more decisive action in safeguarding the lives of the most vulnerable populations. "We hope that a cancer patient will not be killed in a hospital bed as a result of airstrikes," Director Skaik asserted, underlining the critical nature of the situation.

In a separate incident, Dr. Ateh Al Kahlout, the director of the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia, reported that the hospital and its immediate surroundings have been repeatedly shelled throughout the day. Located in the northeast corner of the Gaza Strip, this hospital has been subjected to sustained Israeli attacks since October 7, resulting in severe damage to its infrastructure. Health officials have previously expressed concerns about the hospital's ability to function effectively due to damage from these airstrikes.

Dr. Al Kahlout informed CNN that, despite the ongoing attacks and damage to the facility, the hospital continues to operate below its full capacity. Moreover, it continues to provide shelter to thousands of displaced individuals, highlighting the hospital's crucial role in providing aid to the affected population.

The recent attack on the Turkish-Palestinian Friendship Hospital and the ongoing shelling of the Indonesian Hospital in Beit Lahia have raised grave concerns about the safety of healthcare facilities in the Gaza Strip. These incidents underscore the need for international efforts to protect hospitals and medical personnel, ensuring that patients receive the care they desperately need during these trying times.



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