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Indonesian President Urges US Action to Halt Gaza "Atrocities" and Calls for Ceasefire

Washington, DC, November 14, 2023 — Indonesian President Joko Widodo has called on the United States to take stronger measures to stop what he termed "atrocities" in Gaza and has advocated for an immediate ceasefire in the ongoing conflict. President Widodo conveyed this message during an Oval Office meeting with US President Joe Biden on Monday.

"Indonesia also wishes our partnership contributes to regional global peace and prosperity, so Indonesia appeals to the US to do more to stop the atrocities in Gaza," President Widodo emphasized. "A ceasefire is a must for the sake of humanity."

While President Biden did not provide a direct response to Widodo's comments on Gaza, he underscored the significant strides the two countries have taken in enhancing their relationship, characterizing it as a "comprehensive strategic partnership" marking a new era in US-Indonesia relations. Biden highlighted efforts to expand military cooperation, particularly in maritime areas, and initiatives to secure the supply chain and combat climate change.

Indonesia, as the world's largest Muslim-majority nation, holds a significant role in the Muslim world. Before arriving in Washington, DC, President Widodo engaged with Arab and Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia. During this summit, leaders criticized Israel, and President Widodo expressed his commitment to conveying the outcomes of the Riyadh meeting to President Biden.

"I will be delegated to tell President Joe Biden that the Hamas-Israel war should immediately be stopped," President Widodo stated before his visit to the United States, emphasizing the urgency of a ceasefire. The call for action on Gaza reflects Indonesia's commitment to addressing the humanitarian impact of the conflict and promoting peace in the region.



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