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How Haute Couture Has Gone Global

Haute Couture Week, or Semaine de la Haute Couture, is a biannual event that showcases the most exquisite and exclusive creations of the world's leading fashion houses. Traditionally held in Paris, the capital of fashion, Haute Couture Week has been evolving to reflect the changing tastes and demands of its clientele, who are increasingly based in Asia, the Middle East, and other regions beyond the traditional core of Europe and North America.

A Diverse And Dynamic Schedule

The provisional calendar for the upcoming Haute Couture Week 2023, which will take place from Monday, July 3 to Thursday, July 6, 2023, reveals a diverse and dynamic schedule that features both established and emerging names in the industry. Some of the highlights include:

  • The return of Jean Paul Gaultier to the haute couture scene, with a collection designed by Julien Dossena, the creative director of Paco Rabanne.

  • The debut of Robert Wun, a Hon Kong-born, London-based designer who is known for his futuristic and sculptural aesthetic.

  • The presentation of Viv' Choc Piece Unique, a one-of-kind shoe collection by Roger Vivier, inspired by the iconic Vivier buckle.

  • The launch of a new collection by Louis Vuitton Horlogerie, which will be revealed online.

  • The exhibition of GAME OF GO, a collaboration between Adeline Andre and Annabelle d'Haurt, two artists who explore the concept of space and movement through clothing and jewelry.

A Global Audience And Influence

Haute Couture Week is not only a showcase for the most exquisite craftsmanship and creativity in fashion but also a platform for cultural exchange and dialogue. The event attracts a global audience of buyers, media, celebrities, and influencers, who can access the shows through live streams, social media, and digital platforms. The event also influences the trends and styles of the ready-to-wear collection, as well as other creative fields such as art, music, and cinema.

Haute Couture Week is a testament to the enduring appeal and relevance of haute couture, which transcends geographical boundaries and cultural differences. It is a celebration of the diversity and dynamism of fashion, which reflects the changing world we live in.



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