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H&M Unveils Ramadan - Ready Campaign Starring Nora Attal

PARIS, France - Swedish retail giant H&M has unveiled its spring 2022 collection with a diverse ad campaign starring several leading models including British - Moroccan Nora Attal, Guyanese - Egyptian Nouri Hassan, Milan - born Senegalese Binta Diop and British - Somali Asha Mohamud.

Primed for the warmer - weather season, the new offering features a series of flowing and modest silhouettes showcased by the models.

The collection is titled a 'vibrant celebration of individuality' and is brimming with jewel tones and pastels, such as lavender, fuchsia, orange and yellow.

Each piece in the collection is made with sustainability in mind, utilizing eco - conscious materials such as recycled polyester, Tencel and organic cotton.

Punctuated with flowy kaftans, high - neck dresses, wide trousers and oversized blazers, the occasion - wear styles are perfect for Iftar and Sahoor gatherings as well as the upcoming Eid celebrations.

In the campaign images, Attal appears wearing a royal purple flouncy kaftan, a vivid orange printed lyocell - blend dress with a frilled collar and short, wide sleeves with a drawstring, as well as a hot pink ankle - length dress with a tie - up collar and a tired skirt.

She also shows off a pastel yellow floral - printed kaftan with a high neck and butterfly sleeves designed as a flounce that continues down the sides.

The offering also comes with accessories, including tangerine - toned chunky slip - on heels, a layered gold necklace, crescent moon earrings and glided chain - link belt to help complete your holy month wardrobe.

'I love how versatile these pieces are. The collection is tailored for occasion wear, but there's such an opportunity for experimentation in any circumstance. From wide sleeves and delicate pleats to adjustable waistlines and floral motifs, there is lots to self - express and celebrate with', said Eliana Masgalos, concept designer.

'What I love about fashion is you can use clothes, accessories, shoes to really flow with the way you are feeling. And I feel like a different person every time I wear something else. You can make yourself into whoever you want using fashion', Attal said in a behind - the - scenes video.

'I feel really comfy in this collection', says Diop, echoing Attal's statement 'I like to wear color in different types of material and I feel like this collection has everything.



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