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Global Leaders Convene in Miami to Address Crucial Issues at FII PRIORITY Summit

Global Leaders Convene in Miami to Address Crucial Issues at FII PRIORITY Summit

Amidst a backdrop of heightened global tensions, the Future Investment Initiative (FII) PRIORITY Summit will convene in Miami on February 22nd and 23rd, gathering 1,000 prominent figures from the investment, business, and policy realms. Facing a complex landscape marked by geopolitical uncertainties, contested elections, and pressing concerns like climate change and the evolving AI landscape, the summit aims to foster dialogue and mobilize investment as a force for positive change.

Under the theme "On the Edge of a New Frontier," distinguished leaders across the political spectrum will engage in critical discussions. The agenda delves into the changing economic, social, and political realities, addressing a diverse range of pertinent topics. These include the digitalization of various sectors, investor outlook, climate technology advancements, the evolving AI ecosystem, innovations for improving urban environments, and even the upcoming US elections.

The summit boasts an impressive roster of over 100 luminaries representing finance, business, and government. Among the notable participants are Michael Dell (Founder, Chairman & CEO, Dell Technologies), Larry Summers (President Emeritus, Harvard University & Board Member at OpenAI), Jennifer Johnson (President & CEO, Franklin Templeton), and Julie Sweet (Chair and CEO, Accenture).

The FII Institute's extensive research, which this year encompassed polling 50,000 individuals across 23 countries, plays a pivotal role in shaping the summit's agenda. The findings, revealing a global decline in satisfaction levels and concerns encompassing the cost of living, loneliness, technology's impact, and climate change, serve as a crucial barometer of citizen priorities. Notably, 62% of US respondents expressed dissatisfaction with their government's approach to regulating emerging technologies.

Following successful summits in Hong Kong and Riyadh, Miami's dynamic ecosystem, renowned diversity, and strategic economic significance make it an ideal location for fostering international dialogue and collaboration.

Richard Attias, CEO of the FII Institute, underscores the summit's significance in light of upcoming global elections: "This year marks a pivotal moment... The choices made by leaders in government and investment during this period will have far-reaching consequences for global peace, prosperity, and stability. I am confident that the gathering of over 1,000 leaders in Miami will foster meaningful dialogue and contribute to solutions for the issues that matter most to the world."

The FII PRIORITY Summit offers a unique platform for global leaders to engage in constructive dialogue, address pressing challenges, and explore innovative solutions for a more sustainable and equitable future.



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