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Fuel Spills In The Bahamas Near The White Sand Beaches Of Great Exuma

PARIS, France - A vessel delivering fuel to The Bahamas resort island of Great Exuma spilled around 30,000 gallons between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the country's acting prime minister told parliament on Wednesday.

'I am ...advised that all the agencies of government are deployed to mitigate the matter', said Chester Cooper, who also represents the district of Exuma in parliament.

Exuma is famed for its white sand beaches and crystal - blue waters, as well as beaches where tourists can swim with pigs.

It was not immediately evident what the environmental impact the spill had.

Coopera said the fuel was being delivered by a vessel called the Arabian, and that the fuel has been contracted by a Bahamas company called Sun Oil. Executives from Sun Oil were cooperating in efforts to mitigate the spill, Cooper said.



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