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French Foreign Ministry Warns Citizens To Leave Russia And Advises Against Any Travel To Belarus

PARIS, France - France's Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs has 'strongly recommended' French visitors to Russia to leave the country 'without delay', following the European Union decision to ban Russian and Belarusian airlines from European airspace, according to a Sunday update to official French travel guidelines to Russia.

A similar update on the website Sunday 'formally discouraged' any travel to Belarus.

The foreign ministry said the 'most European [airline] companies, including Air France' suspended routes into and over Russia beginning on Sunday evening due to the EU's closure of its airspace to Russian aircraft and airlines.

Due to the increased restrictions, France's foreign ministry recommended that French people 'passing through Russia (tourists, visitors, students, professionals on work trips) make arrangements to leave the country without delay by existing air links', the travel advice said.

'It is also advisable to postpone any trip to Russia'.

In the context of military tensions between Ukraine and Belarus, as well as the closure of Belarusian airspace, 'French people in Belarus are encouraged to leave the country immediately by road, via border crossing with Lithuania, Poland or Latvia', the ministry travel update said.



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