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France's 8th Wave Of COVID Is Gaining In Intensity, Health Official Says

PARIS, France - France has entered an eight wave of the COVID-19 virus, as the winter season approaches, said a leading French health official.

'Yes, we are in this eighth wave', said Brigitte Autran, who is a member of the government's vaccination strategic board.

'All the indicators are on the up', added Autran.

France's COVID figures published on Monday showed that the seven-day moving average of daily new cases had reached, the latest reported figure of 45,631, its highest level since August 2.

France's COVID overall hospitalization figures, at 15,166, and the numbers of COVID patients in hospital intensive care units (ICU) - at 843 - were also at their highest level since the end of August.

France's number of COVID deaths currently stands at over 151,500, according to the World Health Organisation.



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