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Flynas to Introduce Direct Weekly Flights Linking Jeddah and Ankara

Flynas to Introduce Direct Weekly Flights Linking Jeddah and Ankara

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering international connectivity and further expanding its operational footprint, Flynas, a prominent low-cost carrier, has officially announced the launch of direct weekly flights connecting the vibrant city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia with the Turkish capital, Ankara, effective from November 7.

This newly introduced flight route represents a significant development in enhancing air travel links between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, reinforcing Flynas’ role as a key facilitator of air connectivity in the region. The airline’s commitment to enhancing travel opportunities is aligned with the broader objectives of the National Civil Aviation Strategy, which seeks to empower national air carriers to play a pivotal role in connecting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with 250 international destinations. By 2030, the strategy aims to cater to 330 million passengers and attract 100 million tourists annually, thereby promoting economic and cultural exchange on a global scale.

As Flynas continues to strengthen its presence in the aviation sector, the launch of this direct route from Ankara to its new operations base at Madinah Airport reflects its commitment to expanding air connectivity. This new weekly flight departing from Jeddah every Tuesday adds a valuable link between two key cities, offering travelers added convenience and choice.

Flynas, known for its extensive network, currently serves more than 70 domestic and international destinations, operating over 1,500 weekly flights. Since its inception in 2007, the airline has facilitated the journey of more than 60 million passengers. With a keen eye on the future, Flynas is determined to extend its reach to 165 domestic and international destinations, an ambition that squarely aligns with the objectives set forth in Saudi Vision 2030.

This strategic initiative by Flynas holds the promise of fostering closer ties between Saudi Arabia and Turkey, facilitating business, cultural exchange, and tourism, while underscoring the airline’s commitment to its role in shaping the future of air travel. As the global aviation landscape continues to evolve, the introduction of this direct route signifies yet another milestone in the airline’s journey to provide enhanced connectivity and convenience for travelers, as it contributes to the realization of broader national aviation goals.



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