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Expo City Dubai Announces Temporary Closure Of Major Attraction

Expo City Dubai Announces Temporary Closure Of Major Attraction

PARIS, France - Expo City Dubai, the human–centric city of the future that emerged from the legacy of Expo 2020 Dubai, has announced that one of its major attractions, Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, will be temporarily closed until the end of May for “routine maintenance”.

The pavilion, which showcases how sustainability is embedded throughout the city, from the architecture to the school learning programs, will undergo some upgrades and enhancements to ensure the best visitor experience.

Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion is a zero-impact example of architecture that promotes a sustainable lifestyle in an extreme desert climate. It is designed by UK-based Grimshaw Architects and is meant to meet the highest available accreditation for sustainable architecture – LEED Platinum certification.

The pavilion invites visitors to embark on a journey for our planet and our shared future, exploring humankind’s relationship with nature, our obsession with excessive consumerism, and how we can change our everyday choices to reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact.

The pavilion features immersive exhibits such as a walk through forest roots, a dive into ocean depths, and a glimpse of Earth’s wonders corrupted by human actions. It also demonstrates real-life solutions to real world problems, such as smart use of water, solar energy, and lots of its, and new paths of sustainability.

The closure will not affect the other attractions and activities in Expo City Dubai, such as Alif-The Mobility Pavilion, Al Wasl Plaza, Jubilee Park, and various restaurants and food trucks.

Visitors who have already purchased tickets for Terra-The Sustainability Pavilion will be able to reschedule their visit or request a refund through the Expo City Dubai website.

Expo City Dubai is a visionary city that offers a curated ecosystem for living, leisure, and business. It is a place where green spaces combine with cutting-edge technologies, where people connect to build a brighter tomorrow.

The city is open daily from 10:00 to 23:00, with some attractions having different timings. For more information, visit



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