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European Union Leaders Express Concern And Call For Humanitarian Aid Access In Gaza

Brussels, Belgium - European Union leaders, convened in Brussels, Belgium, expressed their deep concerns regarding the deteriorating humanitarian situation in Gaza during their meeting on Thursday. In a communique issued, the leaders emphasized the necessity of ensuring that aid reaches those in need through all essential means.

The European leaders proposed various measures to address the pressing humanitarian situation in Gaza, including the establishment of "humanitarian corridors" and the implementation of "pauses for humanitarian need". These measures are intended to ensure that essential aid can be delivered to the people of Gaza.

While the call for "humanitarian pauses" underscores the urgency of the situation, it falls short of explicitly advocating for a ceasefire, as some European leaders have previously ruled out. Instead, the focus remains on humanitarian assistance.

In their official position statement on the Middle East, the EU leaders also called for the continuation of "rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access" to Gaza, underscoring the importance of ensuring that aid can flow unimpeded to those in need.

The European Union leaders expressed their commitment to collaborating closely with regional partners to protect civilians, provide assistance, and facilitate access to essential provisions such as food, water, medical care, fuel, and shelter. They also stressed the importance of safeguarding humanitarian assistance to prevent its misuse by terrorist organizations.

In addition to these humanitarian efforts, the EU leaders reiterated their call for Hamas to release all hostages without any preconditions. They also strongly condemned Hamas for its indiscriminate terrorist attacks across Israel.

Furthermore, the EU leaders emphasized the significance of upholding international humanitarian law to protect all civilians at all times. They expressed their deep sorrow for all loss of civilian life and underscored their commitment to promoting a political process based on the two-state solution, including participation in the Peace Day Effort—an ongoing diplomatic initiative involving the EU, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, and the Arab League.

This statement reflects the EU's dedication to addressing the dire situation in Gaza and its commitment to diplomatic, humanitarian, and peace-building efforts in the Middle East region.

Source: EU Official Communique


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