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Elie Saab: A New Addition To Riyadh’s Luxury Landscape

The renowned fashion designer Elie Saab has inaugurated his first flagship store in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as part of his expansion strategy in the Middle East region. The boutique is situated in Via Riyadh, an exclusive experiential luxury and architectural destination that offers a unique shopping experience in the Kingdom. The store displays Saab’s ready-to-wear and bridal collections, as well as kidswear, accessories, and fragrances. It also accommodates a private haute couture salon where clients can benefit from personalized service and fittings.

The store’s design reflects Saab’s aesthetic and identity, with a combination of modernity and tradition. The façade is embellished with geometric patterns inspired by Islamic art, while the interior is characterized by a palette of black, gold, and beige, creating a contrast between light and dark. The furniture and lighting are sleek and contemporary, while the fabrics and carpets are rich and textured.

The opening of the store represents a milestone for Saab, who has a loyal clientele in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East region. He state: “I am very pleased to open this flagship store in Riyadh, a city that I love and admire. I have always felt a strong connection with my Saudi customers, who appreciate my style and share my passion for beauty and elegance. This store is a tribute to them and a way of expressing my gratitude for their support over the years”.

The store also reflects Saudi Arabia’s vision of becoming a global hub for culture and creativity, as well as a leader in the luxury sector. The Kingdom has been undergoing significant social and economic reforms in recent years, opening up to new opportunities and markets. The fashion industry is one of the sectors that has witnessed remarkable growth and innovation, with local designers emerging on the international scene and global brands establishing their presence in the country.

Elie Saab’s flagship store in Riyadh is more than just a retail space; it is a symbol of the designer’s bond with Saudi Arabia and its people, as well as a testament to his success and influence in the world of fashion. It is also a sign of Riyadh’s ambition and potential as a destination for luxury lovers and connoisseurs. As Saab said: “Riyadh is a city that has a lot to offer in terms of culture, art and lifestyle. I am proud to be part of its vibrant scene and to contribute to its development and diversity”.



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