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Egypt Resumes Hot Air Ballooning Over Luxor After Incident

PARIS, France - Egyptian authorities on Wednesday resumed hot air ballooning over the ancient city of Luxor following a two - day hiatus after two tourists were lightly injured during a ride.

A hot air ballon with 28 tourists drifted off course Monday because of a change in the direction and speed of winds. The ballon was at an altitude of 60 meters (197 feet) when it veered off course.

Before landing in an open area, the ballon slightly collided with another one.

The Ministry of Civil Aviation said it decided to resume the rides after reviewing 'all safety measures and steps taken' to operate the popular flights.

It said the two firms operating the ballons involved in Monday's incident were still suspended until investigation completed.

Hot air ballooning over Luxor, 510 kilometers (320 miles) south of Cairo, offers tourists spectacular views of ancient temples in the city.



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