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Dar Tantora Hotel: A Timeless Journey Through AlUla’s Rich Heritage

Dar Tantora Hotel: A Timeless Journey Through AlUla’s Rich Heritage

ALULA, SAUDI ARABIA - Nestled in the heart of AlUla’s Old Town, the Dar Tantora Hotel is offering guests a unique journey through time. The hotel, housed in beautifully restored mudbrick buildings, is a living testament to the region’s rich history and culture.

The Old Town, with its roots tracing back over 700 years, once flourished along the renowned incense trade route. The hotel itself is named after the famous Tantora sundial, a historical marker of the changing seasons.

Today, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the Royal Commission for AlUla and the support of its leadership, the Old Town is thriving. It boasts over 900 traditional mudbrick homes, standing as a testament to the Kingdom’s enduring cultural heritage.

In recognition of its charm and historical significance, the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) awarded the Old Town the title of “Best Tourism Village” in 2022.

Dar Tantora Hotel, with its 30 meticulously restored heritage rooms, offers a seamless blend of past and present. Each room embodies the region’s traditional methods and materials, thoughtfully integrated with modern comforts to ensure a memorable stay for guests.

This unique blend of history and modernity positions Dar Tantora Hotel as a leading destination for those seeking a unique cultural experience in the heart of Saudi Arabia.



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