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Craftsmanship Initiatives Launched To Celebrate World Heritage Day

JEDDAH, Saudi Arabia - The Saudi Heritage Commission launched three craftsmanship initiatives on Monday to preserve the Kingdom's handicrafts and develop people's skills in artisanry.

The launch was on World Heritage Day, which is marked on April 18.

The Artisan House Initiative was launched in three different locations: Al - Ahsa, Unayzah, and Buraydah. It aims to help produce innovative designs for Saudi handicraft items.

The commission, which is part of the Ministry of Culture, wants handicraft items to become a source of income and to preserve the art of craftsmanship through production.

The houses will participate in seasonal festivals and events and host community activities to revitalize craftsmanship and increase its appeal among the public.

The commission wants to operate multiple artisan houses throughout the Kingdom in 2022 that focus on handicrafts specific to those locations, such as Sadu weaving, woodwork, sewing and embroidery, and pottery.

The initiative will offer craftsmanship courses, workshops, and a production site.

It will also have a specific logo and identity attached to handicraft items produced through the scheme that will serve as a hallmark, aiming to raise the value of their items made and increase public awareness about the importance of locally crafted items and preserving national heritage.



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