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Celine Dion Announces First New Song Since Sharing About Her Neurological Disorder

PARIS, France - Superstar Celine Dion on Thursday announced the release of her latest single, ''Love Again " - the first song she has put out since sharing publicly about her rare neurological disorder.

''Love Again'' was made for the upcoming movie of the same name starring Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Sam Heughan, and is just one of five Dion tracks that will be featured in the film.

The full soundtrack, which features those five new Dion songs, will be available to listeners on May 12, according to the Instagram announcement.

The movie, which release on May 5, is a romantic comedy/drama about a woman who is coping with the death of her fiance, and the new and unexpected connection she makes with a journalist through texting.

Dione is also making her acting debut in ''Love Again'', where she plays herself getting profiled in a journalistic piece. The lyrics music video for the track shows snippets of Dion's acting in scenes with Heughan.

In December, Dion announced she had to postpone her spring 2023 shows and cancel eight summer 2023 concerts after being diagnosed with stiff-person syndrome.

The unusual disorder causes the body to become rigid and sensitive to touch, noise and emotional distress, which can cause muscle spasm, according to the National Institute od Neurological Disorders and Stroke.



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