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Bujairi Terrace: Where Heritage Meets Innovation in the Heart of Diriyah

In a splendid celebration of architectural excellence, Bujairi Terrace, the premium dining destination nestled in the heart of the historic Diriyah, has been honored with the prestigious Architectural and Urban Creativity Award by the Riyadh Municipality. This accolade recognizes the exceptional architectural design of Bujairi Terrace, a culinary haven constructed with authentic 300-year-old mud brick methods, showcasing the traditional Najdi architectural style.

Preserving Tradition in Every Detail

The distinctive architectural style of Bujairi Terrace seamlessly marries the rich history and cultural heritage of Diriyah with contemporary design techniques. Embracing clarity and functional beauty, this culinary oasis stands as a testament to the meticulous effort invested in preserving and promoting the region's unique architectural identity. The use of traditional Najdi methods not only adds authenticity to the structure but also emphasizes a commitment to sustainability and heritage conservation.

Unveiling a Culinary Wonderland

Opened to the public in December 2022, Bujairi Terrace has swiftly become a culinary landmark, attracting over a million visitors within its first six months of operation. Spanning an impressive 15,000 square meters, the dining district houses more than 20 globally renowned restaurants and cafés. Notably, it boasts four Michelin-starred brands—Chez Bruno, Tatel, Hakkasan, and Long Chim. This culinary haven offers a carefully curated fusion of local Saudi cuisine and international flavors, providing a diverse and enticing array of options for the discerning palate.

Diriyah's Evolution into a Cultural Capital

As Diriyah, known as The City of Earth, undergoes a transformative journey to become a global cultural capital and premier gathering place, Bujairi Terrace stands at the forefront of this evolution. It perfectly encapsulates the region's commitment to blending tradition with innovation, offering residents and visitors an unparalleled culinary and cultural experience within a historical setting.

Diriyah's Vision 2030: A Beacon of Progress

Bujairi Terrace is not merely a culinary destination; it is a symbol of Diriyah's larger vision aligned with Saudi Vision 2030. As a dynamic mixed-use developer, Diriyah is reshaping urban planning, turning Saudi Arabia's historic birthplace into a vibrant new capital of culture, entertainment, and education. The ambitious goals set forth by Diriyah aim to attract 50 million visits annually, generate over 178,000 direct jobs, and contribute more than US$18.6 billion directly to the national GDP by 2023. In this pursuit, Bujairi Terrace stands as a shining example of how heritage and innovation can harmoniously coexist, creating a legacy that resonates through the annals of time.


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