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Brooke Shields Says Women Over 40 are 'Unrepresented' In Her Career: 'You're Put Out To Pasture'

PARIS, France- Brooke Shields has accomplished a lot in her career, but she's not slowing down anytime soon.

In a clip shared on Instagram, Shields, 57, teased an upcoming interview with Gayle King for 'Oprah Daily' in which she discussed aging in Hollywood, her career and her online platform 'Beginning is Now'.

'I'm still in a career, I'm still working, I'm here and I was shocked by how unrepresented I was', Shields said to King. 'You're either [in your] 20s and sexy and fabulous or you're in Depends and you've got dentures'.

Shields noted that she believes 'from 40 on we start living in our lives', but society doesn't seem to agree.

'We're not marketed to!' Shields said. 'Once you're over, stop working; you're, like, put out to pressure. I was incensed by that'.

The 'Blue Lagoon' star dove into her women - drive lifestyle brand in the interview. 'When I think about beginnings, I feel like it's now', she said. 'I wanted women to be able to feel that'.

'We're not asking for permission', she said before encouraging all women to 'try new things, to say look how long I've lived and look how much more I have'.

In June, the actress appeared on the 'Verywell Mind' potcast and spoke to host and licensed therapist Amy Morin about her experience aging in the public eye.

'I've been fighting ageins in Hollywood probably since I was about 7', said the 57 - year - old. 'It starts then in Hollywood, but it really...sexiness doesn't have to just be a young person's reality, the commodity of being sexy and being vibrant and not being burned by so many of the things that burden you, whether it's your biological clock, or the way things are laid out for you, because that's what traditionally had one'.

'All those burdens really do shift...They take on a different look and a different really when it starts in your 40s', she shared. 'That's when I started to just really not waste time on things that didn't serve me or make me feel good about myself'.



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