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Breaking News: Russia Inflects "Massive" Retaliatory Strike on Energy Sites in Ukraine

Breaking News: Russia Inflects "Massive" Retaliatory Strike on Energy Sites in Ukraine

PARIS, April 11, 2024 - In a significant escalation of the ongoing conflict, Russia announced today that it has inflicted a "massive" retaliatory strike on energy sites in Ukraine.

The Russian defence ministry stated that it hit fuel and energy complex facilities in Ukraine with a "massive" retaliatory strike using high-precision, long-range weapons from air and sea, as well as drones overnight. The strikes were in response to Ukrainian efforts to damage Russia's oil and gas industry and energy facilities.

"As a result, the work of Ukrainian military industry enterprises was disrupted, the transfer of reserves to combat areas was thwarted, and supply of fuel to the squads and military units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was hampered", the ministry said.

According to Ukrainian officials, Russian missiles and drones destroyed a large electricity plant near Kyiv and hit power facilities in several regions on Thursday, ramping up pressure on the embattled energy system. Ukrainian drone attracts have reduced Russian primary oil refining capacity by some 14% as of the end of March according to Reuters calculations.

Russia says the drone attacks amount to terrorism. Ukraine says its drone attacks on Russia are justified because it is fighting for survival and has suffered damage to its infrastructure from Russian airstrikes.

This development marks a significant escalation in the conflict and will likely have far-reaching implications for the region's energy security and geopolitical stability.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.



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