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Breaking News: Japan Airlines Jet Engulfed in Flames at Tokyo's Haneda Airport After Possible Collision with Coast Guard Aircraft

TOKYO, January 2, 2024 — A harrowing incident unfolded at Tokyo's Haneda Airport on Tuesday, as a Japan Airlines jet burst into flames following a suspected collision with a Coast Guard aircraft. The airline has confirmed that all 379 passengers and crew aboard the affected flight have been safely evacuated.

Live footage broadcasted on NHK, the public broadcaster, captured the alarming scene as the aircraft erupted in flames while skidding down the airport's tarmac. Despite the valiant efforts of rescue crews on the scene, the intensity of the blaze proved challenging to contain.

The Japan Coast Guard has announced an immediate investigation into the likelihood of a collision involving one of its aircraft and the ill-fated passenger jet. Reports from NHK indicate that five out of the six crew members on the Coast Guard aircraft are currently unaccounted for, while one individual managed to escape the incident.

According to a spokesperson from Japan Airlines, the affected aircraft had departed from Shin-Chitose Airport on the northern island of Hokkaido. The airline is coordinating with relevant authorities to gather more information about the circumstances leading up to the tragic incident.

In the aftermath of the emergency, Haneda Airport has taken precautionary measures by closing all runways. A spokesperson for the airport urged the public to remain patient and cooperative as investigations and rescue operations unfold.

The global aviation community is closely monitoring the situation as further details emerge regarding the potential causes and repercussions of this distressing event. Authorities are expected to conduct a thorough inquiry to determine the sequence of events that led to the collision and subsequent fire.

Our thoughts are with the passengers, crew, and their families affected by this incident, as well as with the rescue teams and investigators working tirelessly to ascertain the facts surrounding this tragic event. We will continue to provide updates as more information becomes available.


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