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Biden Administration Considers $18 Billion Arms Transfer to Israel

Biden Administration Considers $18 Billion Arms Transfer to Israel

The Biden Administration is currently deliberating over a significant arms transfer to Israel, valued at $18 billion, according to three sources familiar with the matter. The proposed package includes dozens of F-15 aircraft and various munitions.

The potential sale of 25 F-15s, manufactured by Boeing, to Israel has been under review since the United States received the formal request in January 2023. The decision to proceed with this major arms package is still pending, and the administration is weighing the implications carefully.

This proposed arms transfer underscores the ongoing strategic partnership between the United States and Israel, even as it raises questions about regional stability and arms proliferation.

Further details about the proposed deal and its potential implications remain undisclosed. As the Biden Administration weighs its decision, the world watches closely for what this could mean for the future of U.S.-Israel relations and the balance of power in the Middle East.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.



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