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Asir Governor Launches 2024 Summer Season Activities

Asir Governor Launches 2024 Summer Season Activities

Prince Turki bin Talal bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Asir Region and Chairman of its Development Authority, has officially announced the commencement of this year’s Asir summer season activities. This initiative is part of the broader Saudi Summer 2024 program, which will begin in early July. The program is being organized under the auspices of the Asir Region Development Authority, with significant support from the Ministry of Tourism, the Saudi Tourism Authority, and the General Entertainment Authority.

In his announcement, Prince Turki expressed profound gratitude for the collaborative efforts of both the government and private sectors in launching the summer season. He highlighted their essential contributions to the success of the event and the introduction of new activities that will enhance the tourism landscape of the region.

The Asir Summer program promises a diverse array of entertainment, cultural, and sporting activities aimed at maximizing the region’s tourism potential. The Asir Region Development Authority has meticulously prepared these activities to cater to visitors, featuring a variety of events designed to attract a wide audience.

A key highlight of the season includes concerts held in a state-of-the-art theater with a seating capacity exceeding 16,000. From July 5 to August 16, this venue will host performances by some of the most prominent male and female artists in the Arab world, offering a spectacular musical experience for attendees.

Additionally, the event will feature a range of accompanying activities, including circus performances and comedy shows, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere throughout the summer. These events are expected to draw significant crowds, further establishing Asir as a prime destination within Saudi Arabia’s burgeoning tourism sector.

The launch of the Asir summer season is a testament to the region’s commitment to developing its tourism infrastructure and providing high-quality entertainment options for both residents and visitors. With the concerted efforts of various stakeholders, the 2024 summer program is set to be a remarkable success, showcasing the unique cultural and natural attractions of the Asir region.



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