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Aroya Cruises Partners with Culinary Arts Commission to Elevate Saudi Cuisine Onboard

In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Culinary Arts Commission and Aroya Cruises are set to bring the authentic flavors of Saudi Arabia to the high seas with the launch of the Irth Culinary Boutique & Café onboard Aroya Cruises' ship. This venture is a testament to Aroya Cruises' commitment to providing an exceptional and innovative tourism experience, marking a significant step towards showcasing the rich culinary heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Irth Culinary Boutique & Café, envisioned as the first Saudi restaurant and café onboard a cruise ship, will feature a diverse array of food and drinks crafted from high-quality Saudi products and sourced from local producers. This initiative aligns with Aroya Cruises' mission to offer passengers a taste of the authentic Saudi culinary experience, emphasizing the use of premium, locally-sourced ingredients.

Saudi Cruise, fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF), is the parent company of Aroya Cruises, and its CEO, Lars Clasen, expressed pride in the partnership with the Culinary Arts Commission. Clasen emphasized that the launch of Irth Restaurant and Café is a pivotal step towards showcasing the Kingdom's rich heritage and providing unparalleled services to cruise passengers.

The collaboration goes beyond simply offering delectable dishes; the staff of Irth Restaurant will undergo training by the Culinary Arts Commission to ensure that passengers receive a luxurious and authentic experience. The renowned hospitality of Saudi Arabia, rooted in its cultural history, will be woven into the service provided by the Irth Restaurant's staff.

Established in 2020, the Culinary Arts Commission has played a crucial role in promoting traditional Saudi culinary arts both locally and internationally, positioning the Kingdom as a leading gourmet destination. Mayada Badr, CEO of the Culinary Arts Commission, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Aroya Cruises, emphasizing that Irth Café would serve as a showcase for the heritage of Saudi cuisine.

Aroya Cruises, inaugurated in 2023 as the first cruise line in the Kingdom, boasts a unique design tailored to meet the expectations of Arab markets. The cruise line aims to reflect the spirit of innovation and the authentic hospitality deeply ingrained in the Kingdom's cultural fabric.

The launch of Irth Culinary Boutique & Café marks a significant cultural and culinary milestone, offering passengers not only a memorable cruise experience but also an opportunity to savor the diverse and flavorful dishes that represent the Kingdom's culinary richness. As Saudi Arabia continues to position itself as a hub for tourism and cultural exchange, this collaboration stands as a shining example of how tradition and innovation can come together to create a truly immersive and delightful journey for travelers.


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