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AlUla Falcon Cup Utilizes Cutting-edge Technology for Precision Results in Al-Melwah Competition

In a remarkable convergence of tradition and technology, the AlUla Falcon Cup has harnessed modern innovations to precisely determine the winning results of falcons participating in the prestigious Al-Melwah competition. Saudi Rajeh Al-Jehni and Italian Francesco Driego, experts in time and distance calculations at the AlUla Falcon Cup, highlighted the implementation of two state-of-the-art technological systems: the main laser system and the backup camera system.

These cutting-edge technologies, recognized for their reliability and accuracy, have previously demonstrated their prowess in long-distance running races and Formula One circuits. Al-Jehni and Driego underscored the significance of these systems in ensuring fair and accurate results in the competitive world of falconry.

The primary system employed is a sophisticated laser system strategically positioned at the start and finish points. As a falcon takes flight from the falconer's hand and passes the initial measurement device, the system instantaneously initiates the calculation of time and speed. Upon crossing the finish line, the result is promptly recorded. The system then displays comprehensive data about the falcon on the screen, including its assigned number in the competition records and its ranking among the participating falcons.

Complementing this main system is a secondary system relying on advanced camera technology. These cameras meticulously calculate the falcon's speed and time as it triumphantly reaches the finish line. Results obtained from the camera system are cross-referenced with those from the main laser system, solidifying the accuracy of the outcomes. In exceptional cases, where discrepancies arise, the committee retains the authority to request a falcon to retake the race.

The collaboration between the Saudi Falcons Club and the Royal Commission for AlUla in organizing the AlUla Falcon Cup has elevated the competition to unprecedented levels. With a substantial prize pool of up to SAR60 million, this event not only celebrates the rich cultural heritage of falconry but also showcases Saudi Arabia's commitment to embracing cutting-edge technologies to ensure the utmost fairness and precision in the determination of results.

As the AlUla Falcon Cup continues to captivate audiences and participants alike, the integration of these advanced technological systems stands as a testament to the event's dedication to excellence and its unwavering pursuit of maintaining the integrity of falconry competitions in the modern era.



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