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Airbus Confirms Cancellation Of Remaining Qatar A350 Orders

PARIS, France - Airbus on Thursday confirmed it had revoked all remaining A350 orders from Qatar Airways, raising the stakes in a safety and contractual dispute with the Gulf carrier.

'Airbus confirms that it has removed 19 Qatar Airways A350s from the backlog', a spokesperson said.

Qatar Airways had no immediate comment.

The rare order cancellation, confirming a decision exclusively reported by Reuters in August, was revealed in monthly order data published on Thursday.

Airbus said it had booked orders for 843 jet between January and August, or a net total of 637 after cancellations including routine order reversal by customers and the aircraft withheld from Qatar by Airbus.

It delivered 382 jets over the same period, or a net total of 380 after deducting two A350 aircraft built for Aeroflot but impossible to deliver due to sanctions.



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