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According To The International Astronomical Center, Eid Al Fitr Will Fall On Saturday

PARIS, France - Eid Al Fitr could fall on Saturday, April 22, according to the International Astronomy Centre. However, the exact date will only be confirmed based on the moon sighting.

''The countries of the Islamic world will investigate the crescent of the month of Shawwal (Eid al Fitr 1444 AH) on Thursday, April 20, 2030 AD. Seeing the crescent on Thursday is not possible with the naked eye from anywhere in the Arab and Islamic world'', the International Astronomy Centre said via a Twitter post.

''Seeing the crescent on Thursday is not possible with a telescope in most countries of the Arab and Islamic world, with the exception of parts of West Africa starting from Libya, but the vision remains very difficult and requires an accurate telescope, a professional observer and exception weather conditions, and the combination of these factors is rare, and therefore it is not expected to see the crescent, even using a telescope, from anywhere in the Arab world unless the aforementioned condition is available.

''Thus, the principle of adopting the sighting of the crescent as a condition for the start of the month is the Eid Al Fitr will be Saturday, April 22'', the centre added.

The centre also clarified in another Twitter post that these predicated dates for Eid al Fitr are based on ''astronomical information''.

The International Astronomy Centre also said that ''the original article contained many details showing the conditions of sighting the crescent in various countries of the world, and based on it, the concerned authorities'' can determine the beginning of the month.

"Note that the criteria adopted for the beginning of the month in the Islamic world are multiple, and the sighting of the crescent may depend on non-local places'', the centre said adding that the crescent can be seen in ''some international cities'', as per their statement.



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